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Why Michigan grapes?

Terroir is a French word describing a region's unique environmental factors and the effect they have on wine characteristics. In Michigan these factors include our sandy loam soils, the sheltering effect of Lake Michigan along , the combination of hot days and cool nights and more. Michigan is gaining notoriety for award winning vinifera wines and is now the third largest producer of wine in America.

Why Michigan Wine Grapes, LLC?

Our vineyard is located in the Lake Michigan Shore AVA and features sandy soils and high elevations. Our vineyard manager has a master's degree in viticulture and winemaking. We never use herbicides near our grapes and a minimalist approach to spraying and with only products available to gardeners.


Where can I purchase MWG's grapes or juice?

We are located in Lawrence, Mi but we offer free delivery to the following locations: South Holland Oasis, Hillside Oasis, O'Hare Oasis and Randall Road in Elgin.

How much do MWG's grapes and juice cost?

Prices vary as some varieties require more time and money to produce and are more costly than other. Contact us for detailss. For your convenience, we also sell basic wine making kits and yeast!

1 Gallon Kit with PicoLemon mix -$23

5 Gallon Kit with PicoLemon mix -$30

5 Gallon PicoLemon refill - $25

Hobbit Canteen - $15

Yeast (5 Gallon Supply) - $1.50


Lightly Used Equipment

Buon Vino Bottle Filler -$20