Monaciello Cellars Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak on 2016 Vintages at Monaciello Cellars

Cab Franc: Cabernet Franc is an elite French grape that expresses wonderfully in Michigan.  This is my fist year making Cab Franc and I feel like a kid at a candy store. The color is rich, thin and true to form. The nose is still young and green with hints of berries. The wine expresses pepper and blackberry well but has yet to express any French Oak characteristics. Everything I hope to observe at this time is present and this is promising to be our best ever.

Vino Rosso: Our most decorated wine last year promises to deliver again. I see a similar bold Bordeaux color as last year’s vintage and the same overall pallet expression. I was hoping to express a slightly finish which promises to be on target at present time. There is also a very pleasant buttery expression that was completely unexpected.

Dolce Bianco: Our sweet white won a bronze last year at the Winemaker International competition. I freshened up the bouquet of this wine by using Golden Muscat grapes but in the same Dolce Bianco style. The wine projects the floral nature the grape very well and has lovely citrus and melon tones.

Muscato: The same great floral, citrus, and melon tones are present in Dolce Bianco but with a desert-like sweetness for those that prefer this style of wine. In fact, I thought about calling it Maiscato after my favorite sweet wine drinker.

Vino Rosato: Has undergone some change and has new blend ratios. The color is significant darker than last years blush version and has a lot more floral and fruit notes. Rosato is still a semi-sweet light bodied wine but with enhanced color and flavor.

Bianco Secco Vino: Our light oak, dry white is also expressing more citrus and floral notes this year. It promises to be an amazing dinner wine to pair with seafood and salads.

Pico Lemon: This recipe was revamped completely with the goal of dramatically increasing its zest. This fruit wine not only is expressing a very bold zest but the lemon hints are also more notable. This will definitely be my go to chilled drink on hot summer day.

Based on the sneak preview, bottling anticipated in late February to early March. Watch for updates on bottling dates.

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