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Great new gear to celebrate the 2017 wine trail season!

*New t-shirt and bumper sticker designs and discounts on wine tasting classes!

Wines Bumper Stickers - $10

Proud proof that you know where to find the best wines and the best times.

T-Shirts - $25

This fun wine-themed shirt is perfect for your next winery tour or wine tasting party!

Wine Tasting Classes $20

Enjoy side-by-side comparisons of wines of the same variety. Learn about the history and science of wine along with wine tasting tips from our sommelier. Choose from classes on Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Muscato and more.

Monaciello Cellars Gold Card $50

Monaciello Cellars is a private wine club. The gold card entitles holder to purchase up to a case of Monaceillo Cellars Wine at incredible club prices.